Background checks are required for all staff/faculty and volunteers (including student staff/volunteers) working in UF-affiliated youth activities.  The appropriate level of Background Checks must be completed prior to beginning to work with minors.

  • Current employees who have been screened must be rescreened every 5 years to remain in compliance with the law. However, following the screening, if they have a break in service of over 90 days, they would need to be screened and cleared again before beginning work.
  • An Affidavit of Good Moral Character Form must be completed by each program staff member/volunteer at the time of initial fingerprint screening and upon rescreening.
  • Verification of Background Checks shall be kept on file for a minimum of five years.
  • Allow 3 – 4 weeks to obtain screening results.
  • Follow the steps to Contact UF’s Office of Human Resource Services to schedule an appointment.

Please complete and submit a copy of the Clearinghouse Applicant Request Form (also titled Care Provider Background Screening Clearinghouse – Background Screening Request form) and Clearinghouse Privacy Statement to Recruitment and Staffing either by fax (352) 846-0668, campus mail or in person.

University of Florida’s Office of Human Resource Services will notify the department contact after verifying the Clearinghouse Applicant Request form and Privacy Statement with DCF Clearinghouse system. Recruitment and Staffing will let the department contact know if an appointment is required or not.

Please contact UF Office of Human Resources for information on screening staff outside of Gainesville.