Many university youth activities are required to register with Youth Compliance. Registration provides information on the type of activity, dates, location, adult staff information, and participant information. Registration is reviewed and assessed for compliance in background screening clearance, youth protection training competition, and supervision ratio requirements. Programs that fail to register with Youth Compliance may be denied permission to continue operations at UF.

Programs are required to register if the activities:

  • are sponsored, overseen, supervised, operated, or managed by the University of Florida or any of its Direct Support Organizations or controlled affiliates,
  • are funded in whole or in part from any UF/Affiliate account,
  • are related to any academic credit-bearing, certificate-earning, or other activity within the scope of the official UF/Affiliate duties of a UF/Affiliate employee, student, appointee, volunteer or other agents, or
  • require approval by any UF/Affiliate to be conducted.

Begin the Registration Process

The following types of programs are not required to register:

  • Activities involving persons under the age of 18 who are enrolled in the University for academic credit or have been accepted for enrollment.
  • Activities or events on University Property open to the public, which Minors attend with their parent, guardian, teacher, instructor, or other caregiver.
  • Healthcare services given to Minors in an in-patient or out-patient setting in UF-affiliated patient care hospitals, clinics, or facilities.
  • Activities involving Minors working for the University as employees.
  • Non-UF Youth Activities on University Property with Use of Space Agreement and Events with Minor Participants Addendum.
  • Activities involving Minors at P.K. Yonge Development Research School (P.K. Yonge) and Baby Gator Child Development and Research Center (Baby Gator) that are within the scope of required accreditation and licensing regulations. P.K. Yonge and Baby Gator must comply with all state laws, accreditation, and licensing requirements. Upon request from UF Compliance and Ethics, P.K. Yonge and Baby Gator must provide information to UF Compliance