All University of Florida-affiliated programs or events engaging minors under the age of 18 must register with the Office of Youth Compliance Services prior to commencing program operations. Programs that fail to register with Youth Compliance Services may be denied permission to continue operations at UF.

Programs are required to register if the activities:

  • are sponsored, overseen, supervised, operated, or managed by the University of Florida or any of its Direct Support Organizations or controlled affiliates,
  • are funded in whole or in part from any UF/Affiliate account,
  • are related to any academic credit-bearing, certificate-earning, or other activity within the scope of the official UF/Affiliate duties of a UF/Affiliate employee, student, appointee, volunteer or other agents, or
  • require approval by any UF/Affiliate to be conducted.

Begin the Registration Process

The following types of programs are not required to register:

  • School visits to the UF campus in which the third-party school, and not UF/Affiliate, is responsible for funding the visit and supervision of all children under 18 years old
  • The UF Preview Program, the TRIP program, and/or recruited athlete "official visits"
  • An activity in which the only participants are registered students of the University of Florida or who are 18 years of age or older
  • A program only entering into a lease or license of space in a UF/Affiliate-owned or operated facility to a third party
  • An event open to the public in which guardians/chaperones are invited and expected to accompany and supervise minors
  • Licensed childcare facilities on campus
  • Hiring minors or activities involving minors who are employed by the University do not require registration but you must still follow best practices (i.e., take the Youth Protection training and review the information on this website)