All University of Florida-affiliated youth programs are responsible for ensuring that any program employees, volunteers, and other individuals directly in contact with minors under the age of 18 successfully complete an annual Youth Protection Training (course number YCS800) offered by the University of Florida.

The Youth Protection Training was developed to equip individuals with the knowledge to:

  • Employ strategies to provide a safe environment for youth,
  • Recognize the different types and signs of child abuse, and
  • Properly respond to incidents involving youth and/or report known or suspected child abuse.

UF-affiliated youth programs must:

  • Verify that all program staff/volunteers have successfully completed the Youth Protection Training prior to the start of the program or event and must report this at the time of registration with the Office of Youth Conference Services. To successfully complete the course, you must achieve 90/100 points (90%)
  • Keep verification of completion of training on file for a minimum of two years. Note: Training is recorded electronically in myUFL.

How to get started?

UF staff, students, and faculty can access the Youth Protection Training (YCS800) via myUFL by following the navigation steps listed below or in navigation steps for YCS800 (PDF .5MB)

  • Login to
  • Use the Main Menu drop-down and click My Self Service.
  • Click Training and Development.
  • Click myTraining.
  • In the search field type the course number: YCS800, then click the search button.
  • Click register.
  • Click next and then submit. Please Note: This step will need to be repeated if you do not pass the final assessment.

For a video guide of how to participate in the above referenced online course.

Other individuals (e.g., non-employees) may create an account in order to take the YCS800 training in myTraining by clicking the Create Account button.